Bali Qi Gong 10 Day Retreat

Enjoy highly modernized Qi Gong wisdom applicable to foster energy in daily life and relationships.

Venture to Bali’s supreme spots and experience its magic, viberance and spirit.

DATE: 21. – 30. 5. 2021
LOCATION: Bali / Indonesien


About the course and what you’ll learn and take away:

The Qi Gong that I teach is an easy to learn form of wholesome, deep, integrative meditative body work. It includes important elements to strengthen, balance and heal the human body/mind and our connection to the world. Qi Gong, the skill to work with and cultivate Life-energy, is an art that has developed and refined over 1000s of years and was proven many times scientifically for its power and many-fold benefits physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I and people experience this as an awakening and resourcing tool and as great help in dealing with modern challenges and overcoming the alienation from nature, ourselves and others.

In this time you will learn and deepen:

  • how to build your life-energy
  • cultivate your deeper and higher states of being in an embodied way
  • find a natural, healthy and strong posture and alignment
  • get a more down to earth understanding of awareness, healing and energetics
  • experience many facets of modern Qi Gong in a very daily life oriented and applicable way
  • find and develop your hidden potentials
  • instead of losing it, find a strong connection to your own energy and many ways to keep building it
  • find more emotional clarity and long lasting well-being
  • learn to bring Qi Gong, and more clarity and connection into your relations

To give people a natural, positive and highly effective learning experience is very near to my heart, and I indeed see it as a gift and my vocation.
There will be daily morning and evening practice sessions with parts in nature and parts in the Shala. Including a healthy mix of various meditation styles and cultivating free states of mind and heart, movement and wholesome energy work.
You may as many people enjoy the optional into sunrise meditation.
This course will uniquely weave together different Qi Gong modalities, elements of Tai Ji and Yoga, and 3 Body work (engaging and integrating our physical, energetic and awareness planes), and communication tools and surprises like water practices and more.

This will be a ride of a creative and healthy process together and people report they love the surprising sense of trust they get in themselves and their experience.


I would like people to have done at least 10 Yoga or Qi Gong classes and have a readiness to also engage in communicative practices that will help process and ground the work we are doing.

What we’ll explore on this journey in Bali’s supreme spots:

  • secret waterfall gardens with natural rock slides and all kinds of jumps, dives and stunning lagoons in all colours to swim in
  • walks in a variety of landscapes: volcanic, deep jungle with natural pools, ricefields, pass by holy springs, temples, power places and the surprises that each unique exploration has
  • swim, snorkel or dive the most awesome places, hot springs or beaches with lagoons to kneel down to, coral reefs or go further into the adventure and swim with big manta ray swarms and ancient (real) big fish and shipwrecks

Every second day approximately one of these unforgettable trips will be offered so people have enough free time as well. You may choose to stay at home, read book, get massage amidst rice fields and tropical flowers and palm trees. maybe enjoy the culture with walks, shopping or seeing dazzling local arts like dances and other magnificent performances, or just beach strolls, or simply being…. Whatever inspires or nourishes you. We’ll have a good balance of activity and rest and digest.

Important information

10 days of Qi Gong program with 2 full, custom tailored, daily classes and an optional early morning meditation session. Your room organization, company and guidance to the most beautiful and truly awesome places for850€ .

You only need to find a flight, the rest will be arranged. Flight info below.

Unbeatable price/service relation:

  • between 13-26 Euro per person per night (the higher ones have their own pool or private garden or bigger view terrace) for Double and
  • 18-26 Euro single, depending on the location and type of house/villa you prefer.

You may choose between budget, standard and luxurious. Rooms are paid at check in or if you prefer with bank transfer, most places take cards as well. Should you want some extra days before or after just let us know. There are fabulous restaurants around with fresh organic delicacies, views and luscious offerings that I can highly recommend and will also deliver some of our meals.

Your first stay and week will be Ubud, an artist village in between hills with breathtaking rice fields and landscapes.

The second week will be close to the biggest volcanoes near the beach, ocean, beautiful reefs and stunning temples in the north or on Nusa Lembongan(depending on whether).

In the north we will be either here or here All are absolutely fantastic houses and places for a retreat and offer an amazing energy and generosity, plus have the rare commodity of hassle free, endless beaches to walk, swim and snorkel direct in front of the bungalows. (they also support and run local projects like organic farming, education, reef building, waste management and more)

Ubud we’ll be at and in beautiful bungalows around and some other stunning houses around in this enchanting village. (massage pic from one of our homestays)

850€ course
750€ return flight from Europe
350€ sweet housing(pool,view etc)
400€ for pocket money and 3 organic meals per day and massages
=2350€ for the best time you’ve probably ever had.

Many of the activities mentioned above are free of charge with inside knowledge and guidance which I will provide.
Some tours will have shared taxi fees of roughly 10 Euro a day for private driver per person and small entrance fees of sites. Other activities (like rafting and paragliding for those up for it) are offered for the best prices around and optional extra excursions to some of the most fantastic places (mostly only transport there, or bike ride yourself through beautiful Bali)
I have extensively explored, heart work now benefiting you.

For people interested in body work, I know some excellent Balinese ”healers”, body and massage therapists, energy workers and different spa’s.

Here we go. Good sites for reasonable flights are , ,
Return flights from Europe range from 600-900 euros. (depending on day, and ca. 2-3 months in advance for the lower, you can play with the days and see)
Airport is Denpasar, Bali. Someone from your homestay can meet and pick you up.

Arrival for the course: We begin our first session at 5pm on 21.5.2021. If you wish you can choose to arrive that day or a couple of days early. We are happy to help arrange for that.

End: last day of program 30.5. 2021 10am. All you need to do is to find a suitable flight, we take care of the rest.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. We are more than happy to assist you.

Looking forward to welcome you here with flowers. If you like you will be initiated with beautiful Balinese rituals and real purification ceremonies and will get a deep insight into their life, spirituality and vibrant culture.

May you delight in giving yourself and your world something wonderful.


“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

– Miriam Beard

Limited to 12 participants.

Date: 21. - 30. 5. 2021

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