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About Tanou

I’ve always had a strong drive and desire to know, see and experience more of this world. I dedicated over 10 years to the intense practice and study in Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong in Asia in this search and in the years after. I am utterly grateful to the various monasteries, places and different teachers that served me in my clarity and helped develop my skills and grounding.

Qi gong Videos

Upcoming events

Here you can see a small selection of my current Qi Gong weekends, Qi Gong retreats and coaching sessions.


Here you will find a selection of references


Coach and Seminar Leader


» The lessons with Tanou I found to be a guidance to more health and body awareness, and to a deeper connection with my own body. That gives me the possibilty to always again find stillness and peace that unites me with my core. … «


CEO Columbia

» As a foreigner the group was an opportunity to test myself in terms of the language and to see if I was able to stand my ground in front of others, openly, sincerely and within my coherence. … «


Coach and human potential guide


» Tanou’s unique way of conveying Qi Gong gave me powerfully access to meditative bodywork and had my resistances melt. … «

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