Individual training and 1 on 1 sessions

My private Qi Gong sessions and emotional coachings are here to support You in Your life, offering highly attuned, intuitive and effective solutions customized to your needs, goals and desires.

Themes and problems that I can meet with competence are:  emotional and psycho-spiritual integrative work with pain, anger, shame, fear, grieve etc;
also helping you in fulfilling your health and fitness goals, and healthy and effective productivity in genral.

It is one of my greatest enjoyments to work with people giving space and guidance for positive change, particularly in the areas of health, long lasting well-being, emotional life, awareness, energy and strength.
Some of my gifts are a very high degree of perceptivity and empathy, intuition, humor and integrity. In addition I bring a deeply grounded training and study in various healing/therapeutic, consciousness and body work traditions.

Sessions can be done in person or via Skype, which proves to be very effective.

To get in touch send an email to  contact[at]tanou-energywork[dot]com

Productivity trainings will include coachings on how to be productive and healthily so, accountability, smart use of tools like to do lists and calendars to not miss things and be a smart planner and more.