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Bali Absolute Nature and Qi Gong Adventure 2015


Bali Mystical Men's Immersion 2017 with ELI BUREN

Journey into Bali's majestic nature within a group of strong and dynamic men for an unforgettable trip of cultivating clarity and depth.


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Bali Qi Gong Journey and Absolute Nature Adventure!2017 7. - 21. Oct ; 2018 1.-10.Jun , 14. - 28. Oct


Tanou lives by example how a gentle connection with ones body leads to power, dynamic and at the same time to equanimty and profundity. I am grateful for these impulses.  …

Emmy, Coach and Seminar Leader

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As a lesson is going on I get a feeling that there is so much more and that Tanou is choosing from a deep source of exercises, well founded in his mastership …

Brit Shneuer, dance choreographer

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inspiring, enjoyable, informative, nourishing, stabilising …

Ben Keats, gifted Bodyworker

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